• DBS Checked
  • Fully Insured
  • Canine First Aid Trained
  • Canine CPR Trained

Operating in:

  • Greenfield, Lees
  • Mossley, Carrbrook
  • Springhead, Austerlands
  • Greenacres, Lydgate
  • Grotton, Stalybridge
  • Ashton-Under-Lyne

Meet The Family


Caroline grew up in a family of animal lovers, especially her mum whose passion was Siamese cats, a love that Caroline inherited. Despite her love of cats, Caroline’s passion was dogs and she has been fortunate to own several during her adult life.

Caroline now owns two Leonbergers, the giants of the dog world. Molly is 9, a confident pooch and very stubborn but her love is unconditional. The other giant in Caroline’s life is Dakota, 8yrs, who is Molly’s niece.

Dakota (Kota Bear) arrived at Caroline’s home as a 7month old puppy. She was a nervous pup, which required a lot of work to build her confidence. This taught Caroline more about dogs than she could have ever learned from any book. The dedication Caroline has shown Kota means she now has a wonderful dog who loves nothing more than a good old play with her friends and snuggles with her mum.

Caroline recently adopted Milo, an 8year old Shi-Tzu, somewhat smaller than her giant girls. Milo was her father’s dog and when he had to go into a care home, Caroline was only too happy to take Milo home. He has settled in well and most mornings you will find him racing around, playing with Kota.

Caroline is passionate about Raw feeding and takes a more holistic approach to caring for her pets. Molly now has regular visits from a holistic vet who provides acupuncture, herbal tinctures alongside conventional medicines for a skin condition Molly suffers. Besides some initial scepticism, it actually works!!

The way animals communicate with humans is a particular interest for Caroline as she sees this as essential to building meaningful relationships between us. Some say this was what led to her creating voices for the dogs she walks, who very often tell fantastic stories about their doggy adventures that day!


Sam lives in Carrbrook with her husband Andy, Son Jake and her two dogs; Bailey the rock worrying Cavapoo, who is the cuddliest fluffster and a loyal companion to boot, and Roscoe the Pattapoo is nuttier than a five-pound fruit cake, both of which have been part of her family from being tiny pups.

Prior to donning the walking boots every day and having the best job in the world Sam was an account manager for several companies including insurance and web builders. Sam has cared for a range of pets over the years including horses, snakes, rabbits, hamsters, cats, fish, gerbils, mice and of course dogs...

Sam loves all her customers pets as she would her own and appreciates every day with them all.


Mandy lives with her family in Lees. She grew up surrounded by animals and continued this love into her adult life.

Mandy has rescued or adopted several animals over the years, Ben the bouncy cocker spaniel whose owner could no longer look after him. Jake the English pointer who Mandy used to board when his owner was away, he spent so much time with Mandy that the owner handed him to her for good. At one point she had seven cats after finding four abandoned kittens on a country lane.

She now has two 10 year old English pointers Iona and Skye whom she has had from puppies, three cats; Gismo 16, Tigger 9 and Cleo 2. Mandy’s eldest daughter has also inherited her love of animals and now works for an animal charity, Mandy is lucky enough to occasionally foster a little bundle of fur until they can find a new home. She really is a sucker for an animal in need, this was recognised when she was involved with the animal rescue during a fire at the local Garden Centre for which she gained a commendation from the RSPCA.


Natalie lives in Mossley with her partner Jonny and Son Toby. As a child she grew up in a household full of pets; cats, rabbits, hamsters and Ronnie the Rat. She now has two cats, Odin and Loki that she adopted four years ago and her Best pal Bertie the playful, water loving labradoodle.

Natalie has worked in childcare her whole adult life and has run her own childminding business for the past nine years. Natalie has now decided to combine her caring nature, love for animals and the great outdoors to make everyday an adventure with The pet care company.